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Is Your Fuel Prepared for Winter Weather?

Now that we are halfway through October, we are working to prepare our customers' fuel for the colder weather. Now is the time to start making decisions about what fuel you want to keep in your tanks and equipment, and how you want to ensure the operability of your fuel. Last winter, we saw some unusually cold weather. Temperatures dropped well below 0° and stayed there for an extended time. Even those who took normal precautions struggled, as we saw temperatures that we haven't seen in a long time. Though we hope that we won't see temperatures like that again this winter, we still need to be prepared.

Though we strive to keep our customers' fuel ready for winter weather, we ultimately leave the decision with the customer as far as how to handle their fuel for the winter months. We have a few options, to fit your needs:

  • #2 diesel without a winter additive

  • #2 diesel with a winter additive

  • #1 diesel blended with #2 without a winter additive

  • #1 diesel blended with #2 diesel with a winter additive

Winter Additive

The winter additive is a great way to lower the operability of your winter diesel. The additive is blended in at the rack, meaning no more calculating how much winterizing treatment to add to your fuel tanks. Alone, the #2 diesel with winter additive will lower the operability of your diesel to about 0° (+/- a few degrees). Though this is a great start, some prefer a higher level of protection. This is where the #1 blend comes in.

#1 Blend

Though more expensive, #1 diesel can be blended into your #2 fuel for better protection from winter weather. This can be done with regular #2 diesel or #2 diesel with the winter additive. The higher the percentage of #1 that is in the blend, the lower the operability level of the fuel. The table below shows the operability levels of #1 blends with and without the winter additive.

Contact us for more information on winter fuels. We are working to contact each of our customers to discuss how to handle their fuel over the winter months. If you have not heard from us, please call and speak to Tyler or Brad.

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