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Fuel Products and Services

We have a variety of fuel products and services. From agriculture to commercial, small to large, we can work with you to fit your fuel needs. In partnership with CHS Agribusiness Cooperative, we offer Cenex fuel, including their premium clear and dyed diesel. Check out what we have to offer, below!​


Automated Fuel Delivery (AFD)

Cenex AFD

AFD offers security of supply, price and payment optionality, and superior quality fuel.

We monitor your fuel tanks, so you don't have to worry about tank level checks. When your fuel falls to a predetermined level, an order is triggered and a truck is routed to deliver fuel. Fuel comes direct from the terminal, ensuring you receive fresh, quality fuel upon delivery.

There are a few different options for billing:

  • Pay upon delivery, using the current market price

  • Pay only for the fuel consumed in a 30-day period, using an average monthly price

  • For those that are billed monthly, you can always buy out your tank in favorable market conditions


Transport Loads

We partner with a variety of fuel and transportation suppliers to provide you with low-cost, high-quality fuel for transport-sized deliveries. Contact us for more information on delivery and price options.

Transport Truck
Fuel Tanks
Astra Energy Solutions Fuel Tanks

Fuel Tanks

Through our tank leasing program, we can provide tanks for your on-site fuel needs. We have multiple size options, based on your volume requirements, and can take care of the delivery and set up.

Fuel Contracting

Fuel Contracting

Fuel is a large cost driver in your operation. The potentially large up-and-down swings that are inherent in fuel prices can drive uncertainty into your budget. Take advantage of Astra Energy Solutions' ability to lock-in current market prices for up to 2 years by contacting us about our Fuel Contracting service. Benefits include:

  • By locking in at today's market price, you know in advance what your fuel cost will be, therefore your fuel budget is secure.

  • Avoid the risk of price volatility and its impact on your profits.

  • Feel future prices will increase? Secure cheaper than market prices in the future by contracting when prices are low.


Cardtrol Locations

Visit your Coop's cardtrol location to find our premium products.

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